Letters 13.10.18

Smell the roses, pollies
I WISH to support the Thinking AllowedPrioritise national parks” by Suzannah Macbeth, promoting Create Ranger Parks (Herald, September 29, 2018).
I have been on many occasions to local markets to promote this brilliant idea and we need much more impetus from our politicians to get this up and running.
Allowing care and sustainability of these national parks is also an opportunity for eco-tourism and education about flora and fauna.
Especially for Aboriginal people, who would have a chance to showcase their knowledge of these beautiful and far flung places.
Cynthia Innes
East Fremantle

Are you kidding me?
I KNOW that I’ve previously written letters to this paper with regard to the demise of Fremantle, however, things just keeping worse.
Last Friday I decided to take a trip into Freo and see what was happening.  I had planned to go to Jim Kidd’s sports store and check out their bargains and then have lunch at the Coffee Club.
So I parked my car and made my way to Jim Kidd’s and discovered that the shop had closed.  Being quite disappointed at this I then decided to have some lunch.  Lo and behold, when I arrived at the Coffee Club I found out that they had closed too.
This left me standing in the middle of Fremantle wondering to do next.
All of a sudden I had a vision of good old Freo being part of a ghost town documentary.
The place would be deserted, a couple of empty shop doors swinging eerily in the breeze and some tumbled weed rolling down the vacant streets.
Maybe all of us locals could carve our name into the Cappo Strip so that if future generations visit the old port city, they will know that human life once existed there.
Steve Grady
Murray Road, Palmyra

SIX months after being washed away by a storm, the main access path down onto Port Beach remains in dangerous condition.
Despite the fact that thousands of beach goers of every age and condition use it every week with great difficulty.
Claiming to inspect Port Beach twice a week for safety reasons, the City of Fremantle somehow overlooks this obvious public safety hazard.
Why is it so? It’s not even a big job.
Peter McLarty

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