Paint fight

A HIGH STREET building owner is unimpressed by Fremantle council’s decision to allow contractors to paint over bits of the yellow Arcs d’Ellispes artwork if they’re too hard to get off.

“I provided a building without foil, I want my building returned without foil,” says Shane Braddock, who owns 33-37 High Street with his wife, former council candidate Julie Morgan.

Last week the council released its tender requirements, which include a provision that decorative effects such as columns, dado mouldings or ornate scrolls may be painted over if removing the sticky yellow foil risks further damage.

But Mr Braddock says he’s not convinced that treatment would work.

“I am not sure that the paint over the top will stop the foil slowly falling away over time and leaving the paint patchy – thus requiring future work, for which the council will not pay,” he says.

“This is exactly what was warned; the city would only do just enough to make the repairs passable in their view and not proper.”

But in a response to Mr Braddock’s concerns, the council’s project manager Clare Smith says because his building has had a relatively new paint job, she’s not expecting any problems with the yellow foil’s removal.

“Where there is a risk that removing the foil will cause damage to the substrate, we have recommended that the foil is painted over,” Ms Smith said in an email obtained by the Herald.

“This is by no means the preferred removal technique and before applying this method, the contractor has been advised to stop works and contact the city.

“Where it is not possible to remove the foil without damaging the substrate, we will liaise directly with you to ensure you are satisfied with the method applied.”


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