Scandals stoke chain numbers

RECENT controversy around the live animal export industry helped push numbers for the annual “human chain” protest across Stirling Highway to record levels last weekend.

Almost 1500 people greeted truckies heading towards the wharf with signs urging the Morrison government to kill off live exports.

Student photographer and animal activist Anton La Macchia captured the action and joined in the chants.

“Australia should be ashamed of themselves,” Mr La Macchia said.

“Live animal exports is simply inhumane and barbaric.

“Many die on the journey from starvation, injury or disease.

“If they do survive they are likely to have their throats slit with a dull blade in a filthy market while still conscious.

“It’s time to end this sickening industry.”

Recently the industry was rocked by a 60 Minutes report showing the appalling conditions on board a sheep ship where the animals were literally cooked alive and died in their hundreds.

Emanuel Exports had its license revoked in response to the incident, but late in  September Livestock Shipping Services became the first to fill a ship with animals, despite having concerns about the viability of the industry.

Protest organiser Katrina Love says it was good to see Emanuel lose its license.

“But we are very keen to see the government implement all of the recommendations from the McCarthy Review and ultimately, heed the advice of the AVA, which insists sheep should not be shipped to the Middle East between May and October,” Ms Love said.

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