Letters 20.10.18

Why can’t we have less of us?
More than 50 per cent of Perth residents believe that water desalination should be Perths main source of drinking water of the future.
Obviously they don’t realise that water desalination is very energy intensive but much worse destroys marine environments by over-salting and by cutting oxygen levels with its super saline discharge.
Why can’t we just have less people?
Brad Capes
Prospero Cres, Coolbellup

THE threat of becoming involved in Australia’s only growth industry – intimidating litigation – prevents me from airing my true thoughts about why the city of Melville is hell-bent on supporting the destruction of an A-Class reserve to pander to a private wave park operator.
Aside from the environmental destruction which will be caused, the removal of sporting facilities such as the Melville Bowling Club, and the noise and traffic problems it will create, public protests continue to be ignored by council.
The Bowling Club should be supported in their stance of holding out against pressure to force their members to abandon their valued community facility.
They should also seek an enquiry to find out what went on behind closed doors to allow this abomination to even be considered, let alone supported.
Daryl Binning
Norton Road, Winthrop
The Ed says: I think they’re having one, Daryl.

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