Looking a bit deeper

THE mysterious undercurrent of life is the theme of this year’s Brilliant.

Coordinated by the Fremantle Arts Assemblage, the exhibition is a catholic mix of painting, sculpture, installations, photography and neon art.

“We wanted to do something a little bit edgy and broad enough to be seen in lots of different lights,” says organiser and South Fremantle artist Mark Welsh.


“Artists are naturally merchants of the undercurrent; they not only deal with the surface of aesthetics but also probe deeper, bringing ideas, visions and truths into the light.”

The theme of last year’s inaugural Brilliant was Home; centering on what Fremantle meant to exhibiting artists.

But this year the exhibition has a wider scope, says Welsh.

“It’s broad enough to be seen in lots of different lights. Given the state of affairs in the world it’s going to try to tackle that.”

A raft of WA artists have signed up to take part in an exhibition that explores the invisible forces moving beneath the surface.

“You see the effect not the current itself…evident by its surroundings. You see the effects of the undercurrent but not the flow itself.

“It pushes. It pulls. It gathers and creates momentum.

“It takes us from one place to another, often in unsuspecting and surprising ways.”

The exhibition will feature 26 professional artists including two-time Archibald finalist Alan Muller, sculptor Simon Gilby, painter and sculptor Sharyn Egan – whose work is displayed at the National Museum – and Sculpture by the Sea winner Alessandra Rossi.


“Brilliant aims to raise the profile of not just the artists but the cultural contribution they collectively make towards a cosmopolitan and vibrant outpost that is the most remote city in the world,” Welsh says.

Undercurrent is on at the Moore’s Gallery, Henry Street, Fremantle from October 19 to November 4.


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