Parking flick for Freo

FREMANTLE council’s latest solution to on-going parking problems in the city is a $2800 video showing how easy it is to find a space.

Quick Guide to Parking in Freo includes a potted history of parking in the city, maps and tips on how to ferret out a spot, saying “it’s possible to park all day for under $10.”

A collaboration between the city’s media team and local firm Brandino, the video is one of a series of shorts addressing common questions.

A council spokesperson said councillors were “advised” of the video and are regularly involved in discussions about the city’s communications.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said the video aimed to debunk some of the myths about parking in Freo.

“One of the most common gripes we hear about Freo is difficulties with parking, but the reality is there’s lots of parking in Fremantle,” he said.

“… most of the parking in Freo is on the fringes of the CBD, a short walk from the heart of the city.”

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One response to “Parking flick for Freo

  1. Let’s face it they have been spinning this tale for years in Freo, the very fact that parking is still perceived as an issue, tells us one of two things, their spin isn’t working/believable or that parking IS still an issue in Freo

    Another fact that since the mayor has come to town, there are less car parks in Freo, there are less bays in Freo and less street parking in Freo available for the shopper

    Retailers constantly tell this is an issue

    I would say, ask at Jim Kidd’s what was a mainstay of Freo retailers but they have also packed up and left, parking cited as a reason

    Go to Subiaco and I can get 3 hours free parking
    Freo I want to stop for 5 mins I need to pay for an hour and they love their parking fines

    Council driving business out of Freo for a almost a decade

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