Vegan, so chic

MY friend Jen-Jen and her vegan granddaughter were visiting, so it was the perfect opportunity to review Chic Pea.

16-year-old Zea became vegan after watching the animal farming doco Cowspiracy, so she was excited to try a cafe where none of the food contains meat, eggs or dairy.

Chic Pea is a tiny eatery situated outside the Fremantle Markets and has a compact menu that includes lasagne, quiche and burgers.

Owner Michaela Breis hails from Germany, where her parents owned a restaurant.

“They gave me a huge passion for food that has never left me,” she says.

Working in hospitality for 10 years she always wanted her own cafe, “but once I started to see my puppy in every animal’s eyes, I could only go vegan.”

Everything is made in-house, including the cheese (made with nuts) for the sandwiches.

Zea and I ordered the Indian spice pasty ($10), which was huge with plenty of flavour and a pleasant nutty crunch.

The pastry was perfectly crisp and the accompanying chilli jam had a great kick.

“This is really good and aesthetically pleasing and I love the chilli,” Zea said.

For an extra $5 we added a “rainbow” salad, a colourful coleslaw that was light and refreshing.

My friend Jen-Jen ordered the cauliflower and chickpea curry ($12.50).

“It’s well cooked and flavoursome and the right amount for lunch,” she said, adding a spicy chutney would have lifted the curry to even dizzier heights.

We finished our meal with a selection of vegan desserts.

The lemon cheesecake ($7) was light and fluffy with the sharp citrus offsetting the creamy coconut filling.

The pumpkin brownie ($6.50) was moist and rich, “and I really liked that it was warn, because it was unexpected,” Zea said.

We all thought the peanut butter choc bar ($5.50) was a bit dense on top of a full meal.

“It’s more something you have with a chai when you have the mid-afternoon munchies,” Jen-Jen said.


Chic Pea
1/74 South Tce, Fremantle
open Fri–Sun 8am–9pm 

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