All ‘go’ for FOGO

• Melville mayor Russell Aubrey, former councillor Cameron Schuster, East Freo mayor Jim O’Neill and Freo mayor Brad Pettitt when the FOGO trials were announced. File photo.

MELVILLE households will get three bins from July next year, after a successful trial diverted more than 65 per cent of rubbish from landfill.

Last week the city’s councillors unanimously voted to move to the Food Organics Garden Organics system, which has bins for general waste, recycling, and food and garden organics.

The FOGO system combines food and garden waste in the same bin to create a high quality compost; previously the food ended up in landfill where it can produce methane gases that add to global warming.

There will be a fortnightly collection of the 140L general waste (red lid) and 240/360L recycling bins (yellow lid), and a weekly collection of the food and garden organics 240L bin (lime green lid).

A total of 6698 households took part in the year-long trial, which saw 66 per cent of rubbish diverted from landfill and a 70 per cent reduction in residual trash.

A follow-up survey revealed that 79 per cent of respondents wanted the three-bin system to continue.


Melville mayor Russell Aubrey said they were proud to be the first Perth metro council to trial and adopt the FOGO system.

“The city requested ongoing feedback from residents throughout the trial and made improvements throughout the trial period, including sourcing more robust kitchen biodegradable caddy liners, implementing bin audits to help residents with capacity issues with general waste bins and providing larger recycling bins for households on request,” he said.

The city estimates it will cost about $2.6 million to introduce the three-bin system, but it predicts a saving of up to $4 million a year in reduced gate fees at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre in Canning Vale.

The council has secured grant funding of $30 per household for the rollout and hopes to minimise the impact on rates by dipping into its refuse reserves.

Fremantle and East Fremantle councils will also be rolling out a three-bin “FOGO” system in 2019.

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