Putting politics aside to save our democracy

• Notre Dame politics lecturer Martin Drum and Fremantle Network organiser Rob Delves with the uni’s Labor club president Daniel Elias and Liberal club president Amelia Gal. Photo by Steve Grant.

WHILE Canberra was enjoying a rare moment of bipartisan support from both major parties this week over an apology to institutional sex abuse victims, Freo was also crossing the political divide.

The Liberal and Labor clubs from Notre Dame University have decided to put political differences aside to help organise the next Fremantle Network event on the topic “Is Democracy in Crisis?”

Network co-ordinator Rob Delves says he’s excited to be working with the politics students, who’ve teed up for Liberal MP Ben Morton, Labor MP Josh Wilson and political journalist Jane Marwick to be key speakers.

“Since 2010 Australia has seen five changes of prime minister, with each change involving alarming levels of angry disunity within our major parties,” Mr Delves said.

“Worldwide, we see voters becoming disenchanted with the democratic process, either refusing to be involved or voting for populist and extremist leaders.”

The event, which will be chaired by Notre Dame politics lecturer Martin Drum, is on Tuesday October 30 from 7 – 8.30pm at the Santa Maria Lecture at 13 Mouat Street.

And in case you’re wondering, the Liberal club is ahead in the Notre Dame polls, with a grand total of 45 members to Labor’s 5, though Mr Elias says that’s a bit misleading because his club automatically send its new members to the local Young Labor branch.

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