This little piggy

IT’S true, there is a heaven. Culinarily speaking, of course.

If a child ever asks you where pigs, cows, chickens or fish go when they die, you can tell them the lucky ones go to Piggy Food Co – an empyrean in North Fremantle, where locally-bred produce is reincarnated as gut-busting, Southern California-inspired cuisine.

Perth is experiencing a frustrating epidemic of bad burger joints, so readers will be happy to know that Piggy’s is the cure.

The Fishwich ($16) burger is exceptional value considering the size of the battered snapper fillet. It’s so large it barely fits inside the bun.

Sweet crunch

Enhancing the fish was a finely-chopped slaw with julienned apple, adding a crisp, sweet crunch.

The battered snapper was moist and flaky and I reckon it tasted even better knowing it was caught off local waters.

“The snapper is from Exmouth” waiter Steph informed us with confidence and glee.

“Everything we serve is Western Australian, including the prawns which are hand delivered by a local guy. He’s the best.”

The Whole Hog ($20) burger is a culinary sky scraper that will bring tears of joy to any food lover’s eyes.

The seriously spicy chorizo patty is topped with a thick slice of bacon, creamy melted cheese, slaw, a house-made BBQ sauce and a smokey chipotle mayo.

If that’s not enough, it also comes with a mound of juicy pulled pork flesh and a fresh salsa fresca. Jaw-breaking stuff.

The burgers were filling enough, but Kylie and I were keen to try the Hog Fries ($14), loaded with pulled pork, cheese, salsa, BBQ sauce and a silky, sour cream quenelle.

My idea of decent loaded fries is crunchy chips. I like to get stuck into them before they’ve had time to soak up the melting morass, and these were perfect.

As I went in for one last unnecessary bite, I recalled Farmer Hoggett’s famous line from the movie Babe.

“That’ll do pig. That’ll do.”


Piggy Food Co.
229A Queen Victoria St,
North Fremantle
Phone 6219 5069

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