Mob rules

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt will be among the flaming torches and pitchforks as the port city experiences a good old-fashioned lynch mob this week.

As part of arts collective Genrefonix’s plans to recreate scenes from the classic Frankenstein movie around the Round House (and with a local twist to the story) they’re calling on rowdy locals to join them as extras this Wednesday November 7 at Bitches Brew Custom Picture Framers at 62 High Street. There’ll be a monster to chase and a performance from The Bad Piper – long-time local busker Cam McAzie.

Apart from being in the film, Genrefonix are promising extras a ticket to one of their Frankenstone multi-media shows in late November, early December. The show celebrates the connection between Roundhouse designer Henry Reveley and the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein’s publication.

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