Spearwood meet

CONCERNS about Spearwood’s decline following Coles’ departure and Cockburn council’s move to relocate (“Forgotten Spearwood,” Herald, November 3), have spurred the Spearwood Community Association to hold a public meeting this coming week.

The association has been limping along for the last couple of years, but organisers are hoping the recent non-developments in the suburb will give it  a new life.

Local resident Liz Davey says she recently spoke to a neighbour who was becoming increasingly ashamed to tell people she lived in Spearwood.

“How sad is that,” Ms Davey said.

“In 2007, council unveiled a revitalisation plan for Spearwood which included the creation of a precinct around the Phoenix shopping centre.

“The plan I saw included the creation of a mall, alfresco dining, open space areas with seats from which to enjoy the new vista.

“What happened to that plan? Has it been forgotten?”

Ms Davey will be one of the Spearwoodians attending the meeting, which is on Wednesday November 14 at the Spearwood Primary School on Gerald Road from 7pm.

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