Tower art toppled

PLANS to beautify two Coolbellup water towers with art have been kyboshed due to safety fears.

Cockburn council and cultural group FORM wanted to brighten up the grey monoliths with art, but the Water Corporation advised that the telecommunications antennas on the top of the towers couldn’t be turned off.

“Artists would not be able to use an elevated platform required to paint the towers, which are over 30 metres high, as this would place them within the exclusion zones immediately around the antennas, as defined by the Australian Electromagnetic Energy Standard,” read the council newsletter.

“Given their operational importance to the local mobile phone network, radios and televisions, it is not feasible to switch off the antennas to allow for the project to be completed, which was anticipated by FORM to take up to three weeks.”

The council and water corporation are now considering alternative art projects with pump stations and electrical cabinets.

One response to “Tower art toppled

  1. Two God-Awful industrial looking depressed towers advertising a lower-income suburb. Let’s keep it this way. Who needs beauty?

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