Trike trashed

• Danielle’s modified trike ended up in parts in someone’s garage.

A BIT of detective work, a story in the Herald and some social media have kind-of paid off for theft victim Danielle Loizou-Lake (“Thieves ground advocate,” Herald, November 10, 2018).

The disability advocate, who has a spinal injury, had her heavily-modified tricycle nicked from her Hamilton Hill garage a couple of weeks ago during a well-planned heist.

But its distinct design made it easy to identify, and a few days later a few people spotted it being dismantled in a garage not far from where it had been taken and alerted Ms Loizou-Lake.

Plucking up some courage, she visited the house in Gerald Street on the premise of looking for a friend, took some clandestine video footage of the remains of the bike, identified the occupant from CCTV on the night of the theft, then bundled up the evidence for police.

Ms Loizou-Lake says there was a nervous wait, including getting advice from Murdoch police that there was little they could do, but Fremantle detectives swooped on Wednesday, seizing the trike and arresting the occupant.

“So I’ve just ID’ed it; sadly the story doesn’t end well; it’s totally trashed and pulled apart,” she texted the Herald.

“Thx to the community and everyone looking out.”


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