Billabong boil-over

AN ongoing dispute between Melville council and a local volunteer who took it upon himself to improve a long-forgotten plot of land has boiled over.

Gavin Waugh’s unauthorised restoration of Brockman Park in Bull Creek has labelled “environmental vandalism” by the council.

Mr Waugh, who took an unused piece of Water Corporation land and terraformed it into an oasis, says his hard work has been destroyed at the behest of a jealous council who he called out for not following their own revegetation policies.

• Gavin Waugh was pretty excited about the billabong he says he discovered after clearing weeds, but Melville council has deemed his work “vandalism”. File photo

Mr Waugh claims the weir he built was necessary to rectify the natural flow of water, while Melville CEO Marten Tieleman countered that “as a result of unauthorised work in the area…plant drownings and waterway changes occurred.”

Mr Tieleman said the resulting pools of water posed a danger to children, with the “surrounding roads, park and residential properties placed at risk of potential flooding.”

At the behest of the council, the Water Corporation which owns the site conducted ‘major restorative works’, which Mr Waugh has characterised as “trashing” the habitat he had carefully crafted.


One response to “Billabong boil-over

  1. Thanks Justin for again highlighting the vengeance of the City. Not more than 2 kilometers away the City spent over a million dollars to do the same as what was being provided free in Bull Creek reserve. If Mr Tieleman made an effort to get out of his chair and go to the creek he would see first hand how irresponsible his words were. I invite all members of the public to visit Bull Creek Reserve and see for themselves. The biggest danger to children is immediately next to the Brockman Park playground. and the death of plants was at the hand of the City not from the Rehabilitation works.

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