Heritage takes time

THE Fremantle Society is set to hold its annual general meeting at 6pm on Wednesday December 5.

Award-winning conservation architect Chris Paterson will be the society’s guest speaker, arguing that developers should take the time to understand the heritage of a site before calling in the builders.

• The proposed Fremantle Park community and sporting centre design hasn’t enthralled the Fremantle Society.

He will also discuss potential risks and mitigation strategies for heritage projects, drawn from his decades of experience in giving historic places a new lease on life.

His previous works have included the main cell block at Fremantle Prison, the Oliver Hill Battery on Rottnest Island and the Fire and Emergency Services Education and Heritage Centre in Perth.

With the recent demise of the Fly by Night robbing the society of its plans to host the AGM at Victoria Hall, it’s had to relocate to the Fremantle Tennis Club on Parry Street.

That’s somewhat ironic given society president John Dowson’s recent criticism of “boxy” plans for a community sporting centre that will replace the ageing clubrooms.


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