Time to let the kids run wild

ART and animals are at the heart of Fremantle Arts Centre’s first exhibition for children – Animaze: Amazing Animals for Kids.

All the galleries have been turned into kid-friendly zones with exhibitions laid out with 5-12 year olds in mind, including paintings hung at child height.

“We really liked the idea of doing something for kids,” curator Ric Spencer says.


Often it’s parents dragging their kids to the gallery, but Animaze is a show full of works that will have kids excited.

“This time it will be the kids dragging the parents,” jokes Fremantle council art curator Andre Lipscombe.

Some of the works like Curious Animals by Olga Cironis, can be touched and played with.

“They’re made from old blankets, with handles so they can be picked up and carried around,” says FAC print award coordinator Emma Buswell.

Featuring more than 40 local, national and international artists there are animals of all sorts, from the cute and cuddly to exotic creatures and mythical beasts.

The exhibition includes works specially commissioned for the show, as well as pieces from the City of Fremantle Art Collection.

Tricia the Elephant

Highlights include Ross Potter’s life-size drawing of Tricia the Elephant from Perth Zoo, which visitors can watch come to life as the WA artist works on the drawing in the FAC gallery.

Internationally-renowned artist Shaun Tan’s quirky drawings are on display, along with work by local animator Rory Dalitz, and Austen Mengler, fresh from his appearance at Oz Comic Con.

Every Tuesday until December 18 there are stroller tours where parents with bubs get a free coffee at the end of the tour.

Animaze: Amazing Animals for Kids is on until January 23.


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