A craving for pasta

SATISFYING a pasta craving is easy in Fremantle.

From casual cucinas like Parlapa and Portorosa to high-end restaurants like La Sosta, you can get a decent pasta fix almost anywhere.

Tucked away at the leafy end of Mouat Street in the west end is Pasta Addiction, a small eatery popular with uni students and cruise ship passengers wanting something more than a boring buffet.

The portions are reasonably priced and all the pasta is made daily in-house.


From the spaghetti to the gnocchetti, I found the fresh pasta to be well-crafted with a delightfully springy chew.

If you’re after gnocchi it’s worth noting that the doughy dumplings are only available on Tuesdays.

In the mood for seafood, I ordered the marinara with fettucini ($18).

Chunks of fish, calamari rings and plump mussels swim in a rich tomato sauce with a hint of chilli. I suspect the seafood isn’t local but it’s more than satisfying considering the price.

Like most four-year-olds, my son Ollie only has eyes for carbonara ($13 entree).

Pasta Addiction’s is a decadent interpretation with a robust smokey flavour thanks to the fried onion slices and crispy bacon strips.

It’s so good that I was happy to shovel down what Ollie couldn’t finish – it’s seriously addictive stuff.

I got some takeaway for dinner and was grateful for owner Denis’s advice on how to heat up his creations at home.

The Sicilian ($18) was split between two containers – one with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, slices of uncooked pepperoni and a heap of moorish shell pasta, and the other with the tomato-based cream sauce.

A quick fry in a pan made for a simple Friday night feast which was more than enough for two people to share.

My wife Kylie had put in an order for the chicken pesto ($18) and was pleased with the creamy cashew base, moist chicken and saucy spaghetti.

With the Herald office only two blocks away, it’s good to know any future carb-loaded cravings can be satisfied by a quick walk down the road.


Pasta Addiction
10 Mouat Street, Fremantle
Phone 9433 6900

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