Viva la Freo

A SPIRITED performance by John Calvin Christian College’s year 9 students helped liven up Freo’s Cappuccino Strip on Monday, but perhaps giving a hint of why nearby Hungry Jacks was being closed, there were few souls to be uplifted. “You could fire a cannon down the street,” said the school’s head of music, Bernard Schoof.

Photo by Sean Hill

But luckily, it wasn’t all about coins in the trumpet case, with the performance part of the students’ assessment. Mr Schoof said he had little to do with the choice of songs, as the small band ripped through pieces such as Cold Play’s Viva la Vida. Student Olivia Berkelaar said they were tasked with arranging the pieces to play themselves and she enjoyed performing in public.

“It allows you to express yourself and I think it can showcase your talents,” Olivia said. Performing with Olivia were Monica deSnoo, Lena Jang, Travis Houweling, Melanie deVos, Kelvin Vermeulen and Cameron Visser.

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