Traffic lights quest

THE roundabout at the Rowley and Lyon roads intersection in Aubin Grove should be replaced with traffic lights before there is a fatal accident, says Cockburn councillor Lara Kirkwood.

There were 24 crashes at the roundabout between 2013-17 and in March this year a stolen car flipped over and landed on its roof.

“As a local resident myself for seven years, I have witnessed first-hand the amount of accidents and near misses at this intersection,” she says.

“We have two primary schools which require families from Wandi and Aubin Grove to commute using that roundabout to each school.

“Watching young children try to cross that roundabout on their scooters and parents with prams is very frightening, especially with large trucks and motor vehicles travelling at about 70 to 80kmh.”

At last month’s council meeting, Cr Kirkwood successfully moved for the city to prepare a report on the viability of traffic lights at the busy intersection.

The city had already allocated $200,000 in this year’s budget to upgrade the roundabout and make it safer.

“Main Roads do preference roundabouts, however if traffic volumes and pedestrian safety are issues the request for traffic lights can be warranted,” says Cr Kirkwood.

“After discussion with local residents and the surrounding resident associations, an idea for traffic lights was put forward.”

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