Herald PC case closed

Press Council determination on the articles “Was That To Go” and “History In All It’s Glory” in the December 8, 2018 edition of the Fremantle Herald.

AS previously notified, we received a complaint concerning the above article.

The complainant expressed concerns that the front page article headlined “Was That to Go” is offensive because it contains the word “f*cking” three times and that children can easily come across it.

He has expressed that the publication should not “put in offensive quotes from a foul mouthed person”.

After careful consideration of the complainant’s concerns, the Executive Director has decided not to refer the complaint for further consideration.

In reaching this decision, we have taken into account that that the word “f*cking” is not prominent at first glance on the front page without reading the content of the article.

It does not appear in the headline of the article or by lines and subheadings. We do not consider the articles to be so substantially offensive that a likely breach of our Standards of Practice has occurred.

Accordingly, we consider that the requisite requirement of taking reasonable steps to avoid causing or contributing to substantial offence has been met and we regard the matter about which the complainant expressed concern is unlikely to be considered a significant breach of the Council’s Standards of Practice.

The complainant has been informed of the outcome and the complaint is now closed.

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