Letters 12.1.19

Visitor appeal
I AM a regular working at Victoria Quay when the cruise ships visit and I make the following observation which I believe would help the experience of visitors to Fremantle.
There is a high percentage of older and infirm passengers on most cruise ships who are faced with a walk, or ride with a reluctant taxi driver, to reach the centre of the city or railway station.
Long term parking for passengers is only available at, or near, the E Shed, or when it is full, the Henderson Street car park.
In the sweltering summer cruise season or during the odd wet-weather visit, a regular shuttle would be advantageous and welcomed.
Currently, this is only provided on certain cruises.
I suggest an easily achieved and relatively inexpensive solution would be to divert the regular CAT bus service along Peter Hughes Drive when cruise ships are scheduled.
This would also service the E Shed markets and Maritime Museum.
Having spent so much on the Passenger Terminal upgrade, it seems a pity that the visitor experience is spoiled by the lack of transport planning.
Name and address supplied

Let us decide our Endgame
HEAR, hear to the letter from John Adderly, “In charge of my own endgame” (Herald, December 22, 2018)
I too am in my mid 70s and absolutely support his view that we “oldies” should be allowed to choose the means of our exit from life for whatever reason.
There comes a time in old age when continuing to live is not agreeable.
We should not have to justify our choice to die as we think fit.
Bring on voluntary euthanasia and make it law.
Why make oldies suffer unnecessary misery for the sake of mere religious or young-people-think supposed ideals. That is cruelty!
Give me the needle when I choose.
Alan Lamb
Ord Street, Fremantle

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