Eating away at me

• Kathy Logie. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

WHITE Gum Valley Gestalt psychotherapist Kathy Logie knows first hand the torment of an eating disorder.

A “perfect storm” of stress-related incidents occurred when Ms Logie was entering puberty, triggering an eating disorder.

“I had a traumatic childhood: I was already anxious, then my parents divorced and we moved house, and I started high school.”


Moving from Sydney to WA was a life-changer after she studied yoga and Ayurveda, and underwent private therapy.

Unable to claim under Medicare, the cost was huge, but Ms Logie made a full recovery and went on to become a mother-of-four.

“I started as a broken 20-year-old,” she says.

“I want people to know that with effective treatment there is hope of having a happy, fulfilling life.”

The treatment inspired Ms Logie to become an eating disorder therapist, using a holistic approach that includes yoga.

“There is growing evidence yoga is good for eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder,” she says.


Recently the Morrison government announced it was introducing Medicare rebates for eating disorders in November.

Currently children’s hospital only admit patients under 17, and general hospitals are ill-equipped to treat eating disorders, Ms Logie says.

“We are getting younger kids with eating disorders and we are getting boys.”

She works with several organisations and clinics that treat eating disorders, and speaks regularly at national and international conferences.

Her therapy classes are tailored for individuals, couples and transgender people.

“Transgender people can develop eating disorders to modify their bodies.”

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