Freo tyre slasher returns

• Fremantle Tyrepower proprietor Dominic Marinelli helps out another victim of Freo’s tyre slasher. Photo by Steve Grant

FREMANTLE’S notorious tyre slasher appears to have struck again on the weekend, targeting dozens of cars across the city.

Police have received reports from six streets in Fremantle, South Fremantle and White Gum Valley and say there could even be more.

So far they’re investigating incidents in Attfield, Inverleith, Barnett, Wood, Jenkin, King William and Tuckfield Streets.

Fremantle Tyrepower proprietor Dominic Marinelli told the Herald his company alone had booked in more than 20 victims for replacement tyres, as the damage was not patchable.

One poor chap waiting forlornly in Tyrepower’s reception when the Herald arrived was receiving the same bad news as many of the victims; two tyres that had been facing the footpath outside his home had been punctured.

Mr Marinelli said it was more accurate to describe the attacks as “spiking”, as the offender had used a thin, sharp object like an ice pick or thin screwdriver to poke into the sides of the tyres which were softer and didn’t have steel reinforcement.

“They have to be stopped,” Mr Marinelli said.

A staff member says last weekend’s slashing was very similar to the last major incident in April 2016, when about 70 cars were attacked in similar locations. Tuckfield Street resident Franklin Gaffney had to replace three tyres, putting him back $750.

“I had only replaced all the tyres on one vehicle last year,” he fumed.

Mr Gaffney says residents along Tuckfield are fed up being targeted by anti-social behaviour following big events in Fremantle or the Arts Centre and want more support from the council, including making their street resident-parking only.

“Given the enthusiasm for CCTV in Fremantle, the city should also consider installing CCTV at the entrance of the street, and the arts centre,” Mr Gaffney said.

But the council reckons there’s no evidence that Tuckfield Street gets more than its fair share of bad behaviour, particularly anything linked to local events.

“If residents are experiencing troubles with anti-social behaviour the city would encourage them to report it to the police,” a spokesperson said.

Police said they don’t have any CCTV images, and have called for anyone with dashcam footage or CCTV that might have captured any suspicious behaviour to come forward and report it to Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.


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