Little ripper

FREMANTLE council’s small housing revolution, Freo Alternative, has become law.

Earlier this month planning minister Rita Saffioti put her John Hancock to the document and this week it was published in the Government Gazette.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt says Freo Alternative provides housing that better meets the needs of 21st century residents.

“At the heart of the Freo Alternative is housing that is smaller, more sustainable and surrounded by open, green space,” Dr Pettitt said.

Under the rules, lots bigger than 600sqm can have at least three dwellings on them as long as none have a floor area bigger than 120sqm and there’s at least 30sqm of outdoor living area.


Developments will have to have super sustainability, at least one big tree for each home, no more than one parking bay, and at least 70 per cent of the entire development will need to be open space.

Property Council executive director Sandra Brewer said Freo Alternative was a welcome development.

“Across Perth we see examples of communities grappling with the challenge of providing housing diversity in infill area, especially for low income or older person households,” Ms Brewer said.

Freo Alternative will initially be applied to sections of White Gum Valley, Hilton, O’Connor, Beaconsfield and Fremantle, and it will have a five-year sunset clause.

One of the first developments to take advantage of the new rules is the old Homeswest quarter in White Gum Valley that was sold off as a “superblock” to developers in 2015.

Phil Gnech from Builtform Projects is working on the development on behalf of a client.

He says the rules will allow the owner to get a good return on the investment while still having an attractive development with enough open space to be a good marketing opportunity.


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