Anxious wait over for The Tommyhawks fans

• The Tommyhawks spent five years travelling around in a camper, so you’d expect them to be pretty tight for their debut album, Underground Raptor. Photo supplied

ALL-GIRL band The Tommyhawks will launch their debut album Underground Raptor in Fremantle next month.

After five years travelling the country in a camper van, sleeping two-to-a-bed, the four musos are in perfect harmony and have forged a reputation for music with pumping beats and meaningful lyrics.

It all started when Fremantle local Addison Axe was asked to write and perform songs for a cabaret show at Perth’s Fringeworld a few years back.

She recruited mate Ness Thornton (Jebediah), and they had such a good time they formed The Tommyhawks, bringing in North Perth drummer Jess June and saxophonist Thea Woodwood.

Twice nominated for a WAMI, the group’s music is dance-orientated with dark lyrics.

Deceptively mellow

The contrast is evident on tracks like Critical, a deceptively mellow song about hate, mob violence, government control and death.

There’s even a nod to Donald Trump in the blood-drenched cartoon-style video.

“Lyrically there’s a whole lot of fear going on, but don’t be put off by the angst,” Axe says.

“Such is the nature of playful songwriting that the rest of the band were initially oblivious to the lyrics,”

A number of the album’s songs reflect anxiety about climate change, and the fear human beings have over destroying planet Earth.

“The girls did manage to convince me Anxiety 1, Anxiety 2, Anxiety 3 were probably not the most alluring song titles,” Axe says.

“Listen to the music and ignore the lyrics and you will be fine.”

The album title Underground Raptor was inspired by four dogs that hung around the studio, Axe says.

The smallest would start a fight and leave the snarling pooches to it.

“She was the secret fight starter and was given the name Underground Raptor.”

Catch Tommyhawks at Fremantle’s Navy Club March 9 and at Lucy’s Love Shack, Murray Street, Perth April  5.


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