Club eviction looms

THE Melville Bowling Club has apparently got until June this year before it will be evicted from its riverfront home by Melville council.

Although the club hasn’t heard anything official, and the Herald didn’t get a response to questions flicked through to the council this week, the club says the state’s peak bowling association has apparently been notified.

Club president Tim Smith told the Chook he was pretty miffed about hearing the news from a third-hand source.

Mr Smith says from the information they’ve received, the council will expect the bowls club to move in with the Mt Pleasant Bowling Club for about 18 months before both move back to a new sports hub on Tompkins Park.

But the former East Fremantle mayor says there’s not enough room for both clubs at the Mt Pleasant site – which is earmarked to be sold off as housing – and says the council hasn’t done its homework.

Melville wants to move the club to make way for a proposed wave park, but that plan came within a whisker of falling apart at this week’s council meeting.

While considering motions from a December general meeting of electors, the council became tied on a 6-6 vote on whether to terminate the lease to wave park proponents UrbnSurf (Perth).

The motion only failed because veteran councillor June Barton, who’d campaigned against the park during the last council elections, had declared an interest and couldn’t vote.

It came down to mayor Russell Aubrey to use his casting vote and sink the electors’ motion.

Meanwhile the main opponents of the wave park met on Wednesday to discuss the next phase of their campaign and, as Mr Smith puts it, “correct some of the misinformation” put out by the council.

They had invited Mr Aubrey and the other councillors, but the mayor refused to attend because the Swan Foreshore Protection Association, which is organising the meeting, refused to let him speak.


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