Red-letter day

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IT’S like Sudoko for the innumerate–letters instead of numbers and a hidden message to boot.

A new type of puzzle game has been invented by 80-year-old East Fremantle resident Victor Somerset, who has collaborated with his daughter Julie-anne Monaco to put them out in a book.

Mr Somerset said Vikudo, as he’s named the game, just came to him and the more he played around with the idea, the more convinced he was that it could catch on.

It’s similar to the popular Japanese numbers game Sudoko, but uses nine letters which have to be arranged in a nine-by-nine grid so they don’t double up horizontally, vertically or in a smaller three-by-three square.

One of the lines will reveal a hidden nine-letter word or phrase.

Ms Monaco says the book was born out of adversity: her British-born parents had been enjoying a WA holiday in 2015 when her mother unexpectedly died.

To keep his mind on happier things, Mr Somerset continued working on his puzzle and the idea of a book.

Now a WA resident, he says if Vikudo sells well enough, he’s keen to put together a second edition.

There were a few glitches with the self-publishing that he’d like to see ironed out next time.

Here’s one of Mr Somerset’s Vikudo puzzles to try out.

See our Competitions page for the answer.

If you’d like a copy of the book, give him a call on 0405 662 469.


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