• Art curator Laura Folan and Swan’s Nest manager, Rye. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

SUSTAIN the Nest is an ambitious Fremantle festival that fuses art, music and sustainability.

Many of the artworks on show will represent nature and sustainability in some form, and have been created from salvaged or recycled objects.

“All of the art will be environment-themed,” curator Laura Folan says.

The festival will be held at the Swan’s Nest–a community arts hub on Amherst Street–in the putative industrial arts quarter of White Gum Valley.

The Nest added a gallery last August, and in line with its ethos of de-consumerism, artists aren’t charged to display their works.

“We wanted to make it accessible to all the local artists,” Ms Folan says.

The festival will include workshops, live music, vegan food and kombucha, and a bar with non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Stalls and events will be spread around the gallery and the massive grounds outside.

Two tiny houses being built in the Swan’s Nest yard tie in nicely with festival talks on why small houses are good for the environment.

They’ll also be workshops on making your own reusable bees wax wraps and sewing with recycled material and plastic.

The Swan’s Nest is the where the giant swan is constructed for the Blazing Swan Festival in Kulan; WA’s version of the Burning Man Festival.

Thousands gather at the week-long event to form a temporary community, where gifting not money is the common currency.

Sustain the Nest is on Sunday March 10, 3-7pm.

Entry is by donation and proceeds go to the Kanyana Wildlife Centre, a non-profit organisation dedicated to wildlife conservation.


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