Green champs

AFTER Audrey Ting and Josie Black became mums, traipsing around bulk goods stores to avoid buying items with plastic packaging became a pain.

So the pair decided to open their own sustainable outlet in South Fremantle, The Storehouse, which sells everything from tea and coffee to shampoo and cleaning products.

There’s a machine to make pure peanut butter, and amid the gleaming stainless steel and glass containers is an array of herbs and spices, including pomegranate juice powder. 

You can buy big or small, as not everyone wants a month’s supply, Ms Ting says.

People bring their own containers which are weighed before being filled, or there are paper bags and recycled glass bottles.

One fastidious man even took in his baking tray to ensure he bought the right amount of lasagna sheets.

With no business background, the friends considered a franchise, but quickly abandoned the idea in favour of something distinctively Freo.

“We felt we had our finger on the pulse of the community enough to represent what they were feeling,” Ms Ting says.

Even so, they were surprised to find their clientele wasn’t just hardcore environmentalists.

“We get backpackers only wanting cereal for that morning, people from the caravan park, foodies looking for an obscure spice and people living on a boat who want an environmental clearer,” says Ms Ting, noting that all their cleaning products are marine-safe.

Light-headed customers also wander in from the nearby Blood Bank looking for a sugar fix, and around 3pm the shop is crammed with flustered parents buying after-school snacks.


The Storehouse
Hampton Road, South Fremantle
next to the post office open seven days until 5pm

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