Package closes station

FREMANTLE’S train station was partly closed off on Thursday morning after a worker discovered a suspicious package.

Although the package was declared safe and the station opened by midday, when the Chook checked later in the afternoon, a police spokesperson said they were still try to work out what was in the mysterious object.

When the alarm was raised, the police bomb squad was called in and a robot deployed. The station was cordoned off, although train and buses continued to operate during the morning, with passengers departing through a side gate.

A nearby cafe owner, Jess, who reckons she’s suffered her share of bad behaviour in Freo (“Cafe owner rattled,”  Herald, March 2, 2019) couldn’t believe her bad luck after her gas was shut off without warning during the incident.

Police confirmed they had turned off the area’s gas as a preventative measure.

The Chook was mystified about why a backpack found abandoned in the High Street Mall with electrical wiring hanging off it didn’t appear to be of much concern despite police still cordoning off the nearby train station because of another suspicious package.

A constable near the station was shown images of the bag and called it in, but half an hour later no one had come to check it out. A couple of council community safety officers later told the Herald they knew the bag belonged to a homeless person.

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