Search for baby’s mother continues

WA POLICE are still trying to locate the mother of a newborn baby boy abandoned outside the Garden City Medical Centre on Wednesday morning (March 20).

Police have said the woman would not face charges.

But they are concerned she may need medical treatment as she did not give birth in a hospital.

The abandoned infant was still covered in afterbirth and had the umbilical cord attached when it was found wrapped in a towel in a box outside the centre around 8am.

Handwritten note

He was discovered by a woman visiting the centre to drop off a letter.

A handwritten note in the box asked for the baby to be cared for, with the mother writing she had named her son Rahil.

The name can mean “traveller” or “innocent”.

Police said the baby had been taken to Perth Children’s Hospital and seemed to be in good health and was doing well.

Fremantle police are collecting CCTV footage from around Davy Street in an effort to identify who left the baby, and are appealing to anyone who could identify the mother to come forward.

But they’ve urged the mother to contact the Department of Communities on 9431 8800 or Crisis Care on 9233 1111 if she’s uncomfortable reporting to police.

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