Shed spreads

A NEW covered workspace has paved the way for the Fremantle Men’s Shed to expand its programs; including one aimed at people at risk of homelessness.

The shed scored $5000 from the federal government and a $2000 community grant from public services giant Serco to build the new extension at its Hilton Park home. A ribbon-cutting ceremony by Federal Labor MP Josh Wilson at an open day on Saturday March 30 will officially launch the extension.

•Ces Fogliani, Bill Johnstone, Les Brooker, Francis Liew and Mark Thomas try out the Fremantle Men’s Shed’s new extension.

Club founder Bill Johnstone said the sheddies were busy working on a program with social housing provider Access Housing to provide workshops for people with disabilities or who were facing disadvantage.

They’ve also been working with kids from the Hilton PCYC and providing workbench space for students from Fremantle Christian College; the extra space means those can go ahead while shed members beaver away at their own projects.

The open day will give people the opportunity to look at all aspects of the shed, including its music programs, gardening and social scene. The opening ceremony kicks off at 11.30am on March 30.


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