Taking the plunge

ATWELL couple Andrew Mathers and Lisa Hughes are really taking the plunge today (Saturday March 23) when they exchange wedding vows aboard a pontoon at South Beach.

The couple, who’ve both been married before, said a white wedding was off the cards.

“I’ve been there and done that – I don’t want to do it again,” Ms Hughes said.

“It’s about fun and embracing ‘us’.”

The 179 guests attending the wedding have been encouraged to bring something to float on as treading water during the ceremony may get a little tiring.

Mr Mathers reckons some of the elderly guests might watch the ceremony from the beach instead.

• Andrew Mathers and Lisa Hughes have planned a “blue” wedding to kick off their marriage. Photo by Charlie Bray

“Wedding days can be very stressful and not a lot of fun for the bride and groom, so we’re trying to make it fun for us and for everyone,” he says.

Temperatures are forecast to be in the mid-twenties with a little wind on Saturday, but the couple admit to some jitters about how stable the pontoon will be during the ceremony.

The Chook asked if they were concerned about sharks eating the bobbing guests.

“If there’s sharks we’ll be on the pontoon – unless they’re jumping sharks,” laughs Mr Mathers

The couple met through an online dating site.

“Obviously you don’t go into these online dating things going, ‘Right, I’m going to marry this person’, but it couldn’t have gone better,” Mr Mathers said.

Whether towels and showers will be provided for guests is unclear, but the reception will be held on land some hours later to give guests time to dry off.


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