Police issue spiking plea

• Sen Sgt Brad Warburton from Fremantle Police Station appeals for help to stop the city’s tyre spiker. Photo by Steve Grant.

POLICE have released CCTV images of a suspect, and beefed up calls for assistance in an effort to bring Freo’s serial tyre spiker to justice.

Late last Saturday another 60-odd cars in South Fremantle were damaged; just over a month after a similar attack which was centred around the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The officer in charge of the Fremantle Police Station held a media conference in the affected area this week calling for anyone with CCTV from Hickory, Rose, Ada and Louisa Streets to check footage from the wee hours of Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Sen Sgt Brad Warburton asked homeowners to check the footage themselves, saying police already had a lot of dark, empty footage to wade through.

Sen Sgt Warburton said police were investigating whether there were links between the two attacks and another back in 2016, but says so far the only connection was the timing; between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

• Police would like to have a chat to this fellow on a bike about a spate of tyre spiking in Fremantle.

Noting there was a lot of street parking in the area, which made cars more vulnerable, Sen Sgt Warburton said owners should make sure their cars were secured and where possible park them under CCTV cameras or lights.

He wasn’t sure of the total cost of the damage from last night or the previous attacks.

Police media told the Herald late Thursday that there had been no arrest so far, but they were pleased that affected car owners had been lodging reports, as often people simply fixed their tyres without alerting police and the scale of the problem could be hidden.

Anyone with information or good footage should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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