Wave Park backwash

SUPPORTERS of a proposed wave park at Alfred Cove are hoping to convince the state government to overturn its opposition to the project with a big show of force at a rally tomorrow (Sunday April 14).

The event, which will be held from 3 – 5pm at Tompkins Park, is being organised by Perth Surf Park Supporters, which also has a petition running.

So far 368 supporters had indicated they would attend tomorrow’s protest, with another 1500 expressing interest.

PSPS says it will also be using the event to raise money for Ocean Heroes, a charity which supports people with autism through surfing.

It’s online petition has so far just past 8000 signatures.

“We disagree that creating a world class surfing facility is locking any generation out of the space, in fact it would be increasing the recreational use of the site,” the group said on the petition

Meanwhile Dawesville Liberal MP Zak Kirkup is hoping to convince wave park proponent Urbnsurf to shift its focus to his electorate.

“With the state government knocking back the recent proposal to build one in Perth, I’ve contacted Urbnsurf to see if they would be interested in coming to Mandurah instead,” Mr Kirkup said.


One response to “Wave Park backwash

  1. I am appalled at the City of Melville, Mayor’s comments at a recent gathering presented on behalf of the Wavepark group when he talked about being ‘deprived of democratic rights, stress, intimidation, abuse and (misuse of) political influence’, all of which I feel have been directed at what he called the ‘noisy minority’.
    How dare he as Mayor speak in such a way on behalf of the Council and residents!
    Two questions the Mayor asked in his speech ‘What are they hiding and who are they protecting?’ I ask the same question of the Mayor. What is he hiding? Who is he protecting?
    Signed by a member of the ‘noisy minority’, Ros Armstrong

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