Hidden delight

IF you squeeze past the rows of dried goods in Kakulas Sister’s and go out the back door you’ll find the tiny Leake Street Cafeteria.

It’s well worth seeking out and we recently went there for a pre-work breakfast with my father-in-law from the UK.

If you think owner Wade Drummond looks familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen him on MasterChef.

His passion for food drives everything prepared in the tiny kitchen, which hasn’t got much more than a sandwich toaster and a very small oven.

Crumpets, muffins, vinegar, miso, yoghurt, cheese, sauces, aioli and preserves are made in-house, along with a particularly good banana bread ($5.50) that has almonds rather than walnuts.

“Most banana breads are full of sugar but we use agave; it’s vegan and gluten-free and still delicious”, Mr Drummond says.

The cafe opened about three years ago and has had good write-ups in Lonely Planet, Gourmet Traveller and Qantas magazines.

The menu is small but has enough variety to keep you coming back for more.

I ordered the charred broccoli toastie ($12): a delicious breakfast wake-up call for the tastebuds with a liberal spread of home-made chilli jam, melted cheese and whole almonds.

The father-in-law had the bacon and egg bagel ($7), without the bacon, and was initially flummoxed by the chilli jam.

“It’s a warm wintery kick, especially for an old bugger,” he said, turning an interesting shade of red.

His son went back to his English roots with Wade Drummond’s crumpets ($6), which are nothing like the supermarket version.

“They are thicker and soaked up the butter like a pom soaking up the sun on an Aussie beach,” D’Angerous said.

“Very nice,” agreed the father-in-law as he tried a piece, before sipping his coffee ($4) and letting out a contented sigh.


Leake Street Cafeteria
Leake Street (off Market Street), Fremantle

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