Labor drops lefties

FREMANTLE’S socialists are fuming after being dropped below the Liberal party on Labor’s local how-to-vote cards.

Socialist Alliance candidate Sam Wainwright, who was on Fremantle council with Labor’s sitting member Josh Wilson for six years, says the decision was probably made by the party’s hierarchy but it still hurts.

“It’s not the first time Labor have done this,” Mr Wainwright said.

“In the past they have responded to criticism by explaining that they were simply running down the ticket in sequential order so as to ‘keep it simple’. But that does not apply in this case.”

Mr Wainwright cited the dumping of former Fremantle MP Melissa Parke from her candidacy in the seat of Curtin over criticism of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as an example of Labor being cowed by “corporate media”.

“Perhaps the ALP leadership also fear that if they list Socialist Alliance ahead of the Liberals that they will be attacked by the corporate media for preferencing a ‘crazy radical’,” Mr Wainwright said.

Mr Wilson replied with a somewhat light-hearted riposte that it was all part and parcel of the biffo of elections.

“I have a lot of respect for Sam who is a friend of mine,” he said.

“Preferences get allocated according to a range of factors, including ease of completing the ballot so every vote counts.

“Sam and I had a laugh about the preferences the other day, and eventually I’ll get over the fact that he didn’t put me at No 2.”


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