Letters 11.5.19


Comrade Chook
YOU guys are stretching the envelope in publishing the headstone of Comrade Edwards in this rag (“It was WA’s ‘Eureka’,Herald, May 4, 2019).
The date of his death was right at the time of the ill-fated Russian communist rebellion and of the Russian royal family’s murder by Trotskyites.
Worse still, with total gall and disrespect to our WWI deceased, the memorial to the demise of this so-called “martyr” includes the phrase “greater love hath no man”, which by implication clearly belongs to the First AIF and those involved in that stupid war of questionable importance.
The diatribe in Fremantle’s “Pravda” clearly suggests  a couple of union stooges making the point that their man, comrade Edwards, was a hero … utter rubbish. This guy got a bonk on the head with a baton because of his outrageous riotous behaviour.
Where was this guy in 1914 when Australia was enlisting for the 1st AIF?
Hidden away in some dark hold or on strike over some triviality, worshipping the dead and buried communist doctrine, which you wharfies seem to think is still a worthy following.
The communist regime has collapsed and you fail to realise this. In any event, your brothers have taken commemoration wording out of context.
Brother Edwards was nothing but a riotous lumper and that is the end of his effort.
Communism is dead and buried and you guys are nuisance-agitating dinosaurs and out of order in the commemorative wording you have chosen, and in this world no doubt your jobs are at stake as well as being targeted on our Security overwatch.
Your compulsory union movement is a bloody joke and your members have no political interest in your effort to hold on to your worthless jobs.

Blame game
I NOTE in the Herald article “Aubrey slams ‘weak’ MPs for Wave Park loss” (April 27, 2019), Melville mayor Russell Aubrey is still complaining about the termination of the proposal to build a wave park in Alfred Cove, and continues to blame all and sundry for this situation.
I understand that early in this saga the council entered into a legal agreement with the proponents to pave the way.
Any organisation or individual person entering into a legal agreement involving the use of a parcel of land, which is in multiple ownerships, must have the consent of all owners, or the agreement would be null and void.
It is not possible to simply include an owner in an agreement unless that owner grants consent to be included.
At the outset of this proposal it is obvious that one of the owners, the state government, had not given its consent.
One wonders if it had even been consulted.
Unknowingly or deliberately, the council left the state government out of the equation.
This shows a serious lack of due diligence on the part of the council.
R Kohn

Holy moley
REGARDING the front page Herald story “Freo faces $1.8m bill for crumbling cliffs” (April 27, 2019).
Seems like only religious intervention can save the historic Round House and Whalers Tunnel.
Perhaps the hole in the limestone could be a niche for a statue of hope.
Suzanne John
High Street, Fremantle

Fair go
THE news that Oxfam is exiting all retail after 57 years of fair trading has absolutely rocked many of us in the Fremantle community.
Heartbroken conscious consumers have been flooding through the doors filled with emotion and overwhelming support for this once-island of hope, amid a sea of mass production.
As devastating as this loss is, Fair Trade has a strong and beating heart in Freo and will live on through many independent businesses.
This World Fair Trade Day, help us to farewell our beloved Oxfam Shop and and shine a light on the future at the Light Up Fair Trade event, Saturday May 11, 6.30pm, East Fremantle Bowling Club.
Tickets: http://www.trybooking.com/BCEFK
Antonia Taylor,
Co-convenor WA Fair Trade Collective, former WA manager of Oxfam Trading

Heating up
THE federal election campaign has produced an array of climate action plans, but are they heading in the right direction?
A newly released study from the European Centre for Economic Studies has found that; “the historical increase in emissions is one-fourth attributable to the growth in emissions per person, whereas three-fourths are due to population growth. This striking evidence is not represented in the majority of climate-economic studies, which mostly neglect the environmental consequences of individuals’ reproductive decisions”.
The study was undertaken in 2018 by three economists for the Munich-based CES.
This finding shows what we always suspected.
Global population growth and family size have a huge impact on climate change.
Yet in the climate debate it is often “best-left-unmentioned”.
It is, for many, too sensitive to be raised, too divisive to be considered, and yet, it is too important to be ignored.
The Greens and other progressives rightly parade their environmental concerns quite loudly, but they are strangely silent on the question of population growth.
How can we get on top of the problems of a warming planet, pollution, habitat destruction, and species extinction if we add 85 million people to the global population each year.
Every country, including Australia, should have a population policy that seeks to stabilise and possibly reduce their population.
Gordon Payne
Jenkin St, South Fremantle

WHY did the old council building need demolishing?
What was wrong with it. It was “brutalist” architecture, lots of beautiful jarrah inside and grand flooring. All gone.
It was perfect. Now $50 million will be spent on centralist stuff to replace a perfectly fine building and leave no money for suburban, locality improvements.
There is something wrong with this local administration.
Peter Koffel
Davies Street, Beaconsfield

Debt blues
IT’S a bit rich for Liberal candidates to claim that they will “pay down Labor’s debt”.
They will have to lift their game.
The Coalition has doubled our debt in five years.
They inherited a national debt of $300 billion in 2013 and Tony Abbott said “I’m going to end the waste. I’m going to repay the debt”.
Instead the Coalition has doubled the debt to $600 billion.
Imagine the interest we are paying.
This government has been profligate with our money, letting huge contracts without tender, reopening Christmas Island prison at a cost of $180 million, then closing it within weeks, employing 140 Serco workers to guard zero refugees.
There have been critical reports from the auditor general, but nothing seems to change.
Our current national debt is the Coalition’s responsibility.
Betty McGeever
George Street, Cottesloe

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