Another IGA goes

THE IGA in the Beaconsfield Plaza is poised to close, just a month after the sudden demise of one in nearby Coolbellup.

The Herald understands the closure took IGA staff by surprise, and the owner’s negotiating with the landlord to stay open a week longer to offload stock at a discounted rate.

Located inside the Lefroy Road IGA is Princi Butcher, but owner Joe Princi tells us they’re not going anywhere.

The Chook tried to contact the IGA owner and landlord for more details, but the phone was dead and they didn’t get back after the paper reached out through social media.

In recent years there has been tension between shop owners at The Beacy Plaza and centre management.

In February Romano’s Fine Foods closed down after nearly 40 years, with the owner blaming “the toxic culture of bullying, nastiness, indifference and intimidation within the shopping centre”.

Baker Nick Agostino of Il Panino says IGA’s closure is worrying.

“Although we’ve got a good reputation and we’re doing okay, you can’t run a successful business in a ghost town,” he says.

Mr Agostino says he got on famously with original owner Romano Nanni, but hasn’t found it so easy under his successor.

Mr Agostino has been in a prolonged lease-negotiation with the landlord, trying to get something more stable than the current month-to-month arrangement.

“We’re still negotiating a lease ourselves, we’re waiting for them to make a decision …we’ve been talking about a lease for three years.”


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