Hoping to progress

I’M the only truly progressive choice for Fremantle, says federal Greens candidate Jesse Hutchinson.

“I think there’s a feeling in the electorate that both major parties are kind of governing for themselves and not governing for everyone,” he says.

“Josh Wilson is, despite what his personal beliefs might be, shackled by the Labor party machine.

“Obviously you don’t just flatly agree with every policy that your party has, but I look at the [Greens] party platform, and I’m proud to say I’m behind all those policies.”

At last year’s by-election, Mr Wilson retained his seat in federal parliament with a 7.5 per cent swing despite the historically-low voter turnout.

The electorate has been a safe Labor seat for decades, but Mr Hutchinson says there’s an opportunity to get voters excited about a long-term future for Australia, while the major parties squabble over narrow-minded politics.

His party has labeled the May 18 election as the “climate change election.”

“If we don’t move quickly on policy it could be catastrophic,” says Mr Hutchinson, who is a high-school teacher.

“I’m a young father, I’ve got two young kids, and I’m genuinely worried that their planet is going to be unliveable for them.

“I can’t just sort of sit back and watch as both major parties fritter away this opportunity to reverse where we’re going.”

Mr Hutchinson wants to be a voice for young people in parliament, address the housing affordability crisis, get massive corporate donations out of politics and reduce private lobbying.

Mr Hutchinson says Mr Wilson hasn’t made a tangible difference to Fremantle.

“He’s good at advocating for things like refugee rights and saying things, but then not actually doing anything…he’s had a term and nothing’s really changed. I’m fed up…that’s why I’m running.”

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