Lib plays it safe


NICOLE ROBINS has played it safe in the lead up to the federal election.

The Liberal Fremantle candidate didn’t attend the recent candidates’ debate at Notre Dame University and refused to answer the Herald’s emailed questions; her campaign team describing them as “inherently biased”.

Ms Robins has been busy campaigning on Facebook and at Liberal campaign events, appearing alongside party heavyweights like Prime Minister Scott Morrison and treasurer Josh Frydenberg, but has rarely spoken to the media about her policies and views.

Here’s the Chook’s rundown on Ms Robins:

She has already amassed a lot of experience in local government: In 2009, aged 19, she was elected as a Melville councillor after sitting on the city’s Youth Advisory Council.

As a councillor she has been involved in Neighbourhood Watch, local emergency management, the youth sports scholarship panel, and governance and finance committees.

She supports the development of Roe 8 and 9 and was a vocal critic of the McGowan government’s decision to bin the project; championing a $1.2 billion commitment by the Liberal government to restart construction if they win the election.

Ms Robins wants to spend some of the government’s $503 million Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention fund in Fremantle, but has been vague on how it would be allocated.

She is a science graduate and teaches mathematics at Kennedy Baptist College, but hasn’t gone into detail about the Blues’ policies on climate change and energy.


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