Bowling club gets reprieve

MELVILLE Bowling Club’s eviction has been put on hold.

Melville mayor Russell Aubrey’s ruling faction lost the key support of veteran councillor Clive Robartson on Tuesday night as a motion was put forward to put the Tompkins Park redevelopment on hold.

The motion, put forward by Cr Nick Pazolli, was carried 7/6.

Just last month the mayor was quoted as saying; “the bowling strategy still stands and the land needs to be freed up”.

But Cr Pazolli’s motion called for a review of the project to take into account the bowling club’s refusal to voluntarily move, and the financial status of the Mt Pleasant Bowling Club, which was in line to be merged with the Melville Club at a new facility. 

“The chief executive officer has indicated to councillors that should the surf wave park ground lease contract be terminated, that he would support a pause and take up the opportunity for the reconsideration of the requirements to undertake the redevelopment of the Tompkins Park facility, the re-organisation of the Tompkins Park Community and Recreational Association and the associated shifting of the Melville Bowls Club,” Cr Pazolli said in his reasons for raising the motion.

Terminate lease

Cr Pazolli had raised a motion at the last meeting of council to terminate the lease, but the result of the vote has been kept confidential by the council until at least May 31.

The Alfred Cove Action Group described the decision as a “miracle”.

“We had an excellent turnout of ratepayers and we all experienced exhilaration and relief that good sense had finally prevailed,” the ACAG said in a release.

The group said it hoped the decision would usher in a new era of openness at the council and that it would consult widely with the community.


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