Letters 25.5.19

Brad (Fad)
WHAT’S all this about a name change?
Most people can’t spell Freemantle yet.
Roger Garwood
Attfield Street, Fremantle

Union outrage
I AM disappointed that the Fremantle Herald has given ABG, Attadale any oxygen for his ludicrous comments in Herald Letters on Saturday May 11.
There is a word that we call people who hide behind a pen or keyboard, who don’t put their name to their own thoughts, and that is “troll”.
After seeing the picture of the Tom Edwards monument in Kings Square on the front page of the Fremantle Herald on Saturday May 4, it is obvious you didn’t bother to read the story about the history of Mr Edwards.
For your information ABG (if that even is your initials) the people of Fremantle were grateful for the stand that the lumpers took back in 1919 as the vessel that was to be unloaded was contaminated with the influenza virus.
This would have decimated Fremantle and the people of the time.
The people of Fremantle lined the streets from Trades Hall all the way to Fremantle Cemetery.
I suggest that next time, before you put pen to paper, you read the article.
I take it you have a dislike of the Trade Union Movement and that your education comes through reading the Murdoch press.
One thing I can say with certainty is that they will never build a monument in your honour ABG and no one will remember you 100 years after you pass.
They don’t like us and we don’t care.
MUA Here to Stay.
Jack McCabe
Organiser, MUA WA branch

IGA exodus
SUNDAY morning.
Took a stroll down to my local to pick up some bread, baked beans and some eggs at Beaconsfield Plaza.
Got the bread and then went to the IGA .What a shock–closing down!
I have been going there for the last 30 years. What is going on?
Are all our local stores facing closure?
This has been an icon for all our daily needs for so long.
Could you please investigate?
Mel Cull
Prowse Street, Beaconsfield
Ed says: Hi Mel, we reported on the closure of the Beaconsfield Plaza IGA in last week’s Herald (“Another IGA goes”). It follows in the wake of the Coolbellup IGA closing down last month.

Too many kids?
AT last someone has mentioned over-population and the link to climate change (“Heating up”, Herald Letters, May 11, 2019)
Gordon Payne of South Fremantle you should be running for parliament or better still the UN.
Until the world stops increasing the population, no end of money spent on climate change is going to solve the problem.
There is no excuse nowadays for having large families.
Judy Goodall
Hassell Crescent, Bull Creek

One response to “Letters 25.5.19

  1. How refreshing to see column after imperious column lining up to take pot-shots at the mayor.
    How preposterous that the man would think to want to scuttle our very identity.
    How rabid have grown the voices of the morally obtuse.

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