Stale beliefs

Carla van Raay

A LOCAL best selling author and former nun wants to set the record straight about Jesus’ teachings.

Carla van Raay says her new online series, Daily Bread Slices, debunks the myths behind Christianity and reveals the real Jesus Christ.

“Jesus did not teach celibacy as a statement of superior holiness, nor obedience to blind authority, he came instead to demolish those very things.”

The church has used hell and damnation to keep women in their place and a grip on power, but love, equality and service were the basis of Jesus’ teachings, Ms van Raay says.

“They put on vestments and built churches, which he never believed in.

“I am about revealing how the churches have gotten it wrong, deliberately so, and bring forward the amazing true messages of Jesus that are relevant to our modern times,” the Willagee local says.

Abused by her father as a child, Ms van Raay became a nun aged 18.

The strict regime was stifling and she left after 12 years, and became a prostitute for 20 years.

“As a prostitute in my 30s and 40s I realised the need to take sexuality out of the guilt-ridden teachings of the churches.

“The great thing is, that at the age of 80, I can honestly say that sexuality can be more than redeemed; it can be celebrated without any of the currently floating superficial ideas and in a way that can transform relationships.”

Daily Bread subscribers will receive about 800 word epistles a week, based on Ms van Raay’s extensive research and readings.

“To finally realise what has been happening these last 2000 years to pull the wool over our eyes.”

Ms van Raay wrote the books God’s Call Girl, Rediscovering the Art of Blessing and Insights into Prostitution. To purchase them or to sign up for her Daily Bread go to


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