Letters 8.6.19

HERALD letter writers Gordon Payne and Judy Goodall seem to believe that over-population is the main cause of climate change.
My research shows that Australia with a population of 24 million produces 413 million tonnes of CO2 annually, while Bangladesh with a population of 165 million people produces 88 million tonnes of CO2 annually.
Bhutan actually absorbs more carbon than it produces.
While I would not deny that population is a factor I would suggest that lifestyle and consumption habits are far more important if we really want to tackle this problem.
Cliff Collinson
East Fremantle

A lesson in the bag
A VISIT to Fremantle centre last Thursday resulted in not only many problems over the coming days, but many lessons learnt.
While escorting a client to the closest branch of her bank, I parked in Adelaide Street for drop off and while unloading and dealing with her wheelchair an opportunistic thief grabbed my handbag from the boot of my car, no more than a few feet behind me.
Even though realisation struck within a couple of minutes, it was too late and the perpetrator was out of sight. I was in shock!
But thanks to so many events, people passing and most of all the local police officers who attended, I am happy to say I have at least recovered some items. But not without a fair amount of detective work by myself, friends and family.
Local rangers were on site within two minutes and they advised police by radio, who followed soon after.
Statement taken, situation assessed and they were straight into action, but not before a kind soul (perhaps homeless) wandering by divulged a brief description of the girl.
Rangers took off on foot and police officers on bike.
Happily within 40 mins I was advised the culprit had been apprehended. Unfortunately she had nothing on her but foreign currency (mine) as she had dumped the rest – but where?
As I was working, I had to leave the area, to ensure my client’s safety, but I vowed to return.
The next three days were spent scouring bins, hedges, gardens and car parks with a good friend and my sister’s help. Council were called and they too were incredible. Thanks to Henny, John Rafferty and the boys at the Waste Transfer Station, who offered to search the bins from that street, my faith was slowly returning.
Senior Constable Flannagan and Constable Carlene and other police officers were amazing too, supplying us with a map of her journey and keeping me updated of any new information as it came to light.
Also thanks to dear Arun, the parking inspector, who added new advice and information.
Suffice to say, I found my handbag in the carpark stairwell, the officers found my notebook and diary in the possession of two local young men.
My lesson learnt is this…..don’t  rely solely on others to retrieve stolen goods, keep open communication with authorities so their time is not wasted, be sure to show appreciation to our local police force for all they do on a day-to-day basis keeping order in the community, but most of all keep faith and try not to give up. I know perseverance ensured at least some of my belongings were returned!
Helen Wyatt
Mosman Park

Toot toot
SPECULATION on Fremantle’s future should desist.
Already the city is the service centre for the greatest agglomeration of stink boats, some ferry-sized, in the Southern Hemisphere.
C Dortch
Howard Street, Fremantle

No more name-calling
YOUR correspondent Anthony Brown writes that “Councils are there for rates, roads and rubbish” (“Back to basics”, Herald Letters, June 1, 2019).
But then he wants Fremantle council to do the work that is the state government’s responsibility like policing, homeless shelter, hoons etc
Council increased the number of safety rangers and also extended their working hours so they are patrolling the streets for much longer, but the rest is up to WA Police.
The idea for a dual name for Fremantle by adding the Noongar name Walyalup did not come from mayor Brad Pettitt or Fremantle council, but from a 100-people strong Reconciliation Action Plan community group of which I was a member; so blaming the mayor and council for that is ignorant.
As Mr Brown does not go to council meetings I can assure him that the mayor needs at least six councillors to vote with him because Fremantle council is a democracy where the majority counts and the mayor cannot make decisions on his own.
He fronts the media on behalf of council and the city because that is part of his role.
Plans for fixing of Port Beach are also well under way, and I suggest that more Freo residents and business owners read council minutes of meetings, so that they are more aware that the elected members are working on a lot of things, including rates, roads and rubbish.
The three-bin FOGO system will be introduced soon.
Can the City of Fremantle do better and improve?
No doubt about it, but baseless accusations take us nowhere.
I am all for Walyalup being added to our Fremantle signs.
It is proper recognition of our significant Aboriginal history and culture.
Roel Loopers
Maxwell Street, Beaconsfield

FOR about 10 years I have been using the programme called Skype on the computer, and within that time I have had no problem with the management of that programme.
Since Microsoft took over this programme within the last three weeks I have been locked out of Skype twice, and just a few days ago this has happened again, but accusing me of “a serious violation of their code of Microsoft services agreement” and I will no longer be able to access these services ever again in the future.
Microsoft will cease charging my credit card (I did not give Microsoft the permission to extract finances from my account in the first place) and they have not refunded $A62 of my Skype credits, so they have stolen and branded me a criminal without giving me a reason for dismissal, even though I ask what have I done to deserve this punishment.
Maybe it’s because I am a Christian minister (who knows).
I feel like I am being discriminated against, maybe this is a sign of the times in Australia.
Microsoft does not need to give a reason for their actions.
Rev Lawrence (Lofty) Shave
Port Kembla Dve, Bibra Lake
Ed’s note: We told Lofty it’s more likely he’s been targeted by scammers and to get in contact with Consumer Affairs.

Sticking your neck out
THERE have been a group of around 40 black swans resting down in the marine reserve on Burke Drive over the last few months.
A group this large in Attadale is pretty unusual.
Recently I witnessed two people–not young–in kayaks move into the group of swans in the marine park.
The man took his kayak close into the shore and chased the swans off the shore line where previously almost 20 had been resting, grooming and sunning themselves.
I shouted at them it was a marine reserve and they should stop chasing the swans.
The woman told me to get a life.
No swans remained on the shore and all were moving away from them.
It’s a pity she and her male partner or friend have so little respect for our wildlife.
I am old enough to remember when hundreds of thousands of migratory birds visited the river. They do not come any more. The few wild birds that manage to survive in our rivers need to be left in peace.
Annette Collins
Holman Street, Melville

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