Spicy celebration

IT was my sister-in-law’s birthday so we met at the Lumbini Nepalese Restaurant in South Lake.

After a very enjoyable meal I could see why the eatery is a favourite with locals.

We kicked off with deep fried prawns ($14.90) and vegetable pakora ($8.50).

Encased in a delicious crispy batter the prawns were juicy, and the pakora were crammed with flavour.

One of our party (Jan) is allergic to garlic and the chef was happy to modify a mushroom bhaji ($14.50) for her.

Having eaten there previously, her hubby Warwick had been hankering for the lamb sekuwa ($18.50).

It arrived on a sizzling hot-plate and he tucked in with gusto, declaring it “tasty” as he went back for seconds and thirds.

Brother John was equally happy tucking into a butter chicken ($19).

“It’s really tasty and wonderfully creamy,” he said.

Sally’s tikka chicken also arrived sizzling in a plume of aromatic steam.

“It’s moist and tender and very spicy,” she sighed with satisfaction.

The D’Angers ordered a garlicky version of the mushroom bhaji, and a chana masala ($13.50).

The mushroom was firm and meaty, and the sauce left a warm glow on the tongue.

The spicy chickpea dish had a thick onion masala sauce and held its own against a very tasty biryani ($13.50).

And the terrific naan (a garlic and non-garlic version) was used to mop up the delicious sauce.

A birthday isn’t complete without cake and singing, and brother John had smuggled in a huge and delicious black forest gateau from Lakes Bakery next door.

Then he realised he’d forgotten the candles. Doh!

Our super helpful waiter came to the rescue and raced over to the centre supermarket to buy some.

Now that’s service.


Lumbini Nepalese Restaurant
4/620 North Lake Road, South Lake

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