LETTERS 6.7.19

HAD the mayor and council been less interested in balloons, bicycles and bags, they may have spared a thought for Port and Sandtracks beaches.
Watching the attempts to shore up the remains of the dunes and carpark with boulders at the same time as June storms sweep through makes me wonder where their priorities lie.
The beach was decimated last year and there was lots of talk about remediation, however,  absolutely nothing was done during spring, summer and early autumn when it would have been more feasible.
Obviously they never use these areas for recreation.
I have an inkling that had the same storm damage occurred further up the coast there would have been action taken. Having attempted to make sense of the website for the future of the beach it all seems like a lot of jargon and waffle, that as a 70-year old I have a low tolerance for, but it appears to be standard output for Fremantle council.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra

Move em on
THE headline reads “Melville needs culture change” (Herald, Saturday June 29, 2019). Wrong.
Melville city needs council change, and the sooner the better.
People, residents and ratepayers are desperate for genuine local democracy.
Under the current regime, feelings and wishes of long-time local residents and ratepayers have been ignored.
I have lived here and been a resident and ratepayer for 30 years.
I chose to live here, after many other options were available.
It is insulting when someone characterises me as a ‘nimby’ – not in my backyard!
I chose to live here, and I continue to live here because it is special.
I, and many others, want the place where we live to stay the same.  And we pay for that privilege in our rates.
Vast amounts of money (whose money – our money) have been wasted by this socially and culturally insensitive council.
There is a solution available.  We still live in what is supposed to be a democratic society.  Whatever your age – I am getting older now – whatever your age SPEAK OUT.
Fight against the dying of the light.
The council election will be in October.
Edward Meyricke

IN relation to Crossing death sparks enquiries, (Herald, June 8, 2019), that the Rockingham Road Spearwood rail crossing does not have boom gates: The crossing has had boom gates for years, but there are no pedestrian barriers.
As for the North Lake road crossing, when the area was being redeveloped for a shopping centre, there was ample approach land to put North Lake Road over or under the rail line.
It was never considered.
Frank Cherry
Elderberry Dve, South Lake

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