Delicious Darbar

DARBAR restaurant is a second home to my mate who lives across the road from the South Fremantle eatery.

He doesn’t have to order when he phones because he always gets chicken tikka masala ($17).

His friends reckon he lowers a basket to the street and whisks up his order to share with the love of his life–his labradoodle Lily.

My mate says the chicken momo dumplings ($10 entree) and mushroom masala ($16) are up there too. “And don’t forget the king-size garlic naan ($7),” he says licking his lips

The D’Angers’ take-away order skipped the momos because we’re addicted to Darbar’s subzi pakora ($6 entree).

As usual they were fantastic–the crispy, besan-battered morsels had a nutty flavour and the vegetables were mouthwatering.

The tip about the tikka was spot on, and the fish version ($17) was rich and spicy with chunky tender fillets.

The spuds in the Bombay aloo ($13) could have done with a tad more cooking, but the sauce had a sharp tang that complemented a good vegetarian biryani ($12).

Hailing from southern Nepal, chef and owner Bom Bahadur has worked in Indian and Nepalese restaurants for more than 18 years, including some in Japan and China.

The eatery’s menu has something for everyone, from carnivores to vegans, and if you fancy something not on the menu the chefs will try and accommodate you.


The Darbar Indian
Nepalese Restaurant
34 Douro Road, South Fremantle

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