Flawless marriage

LEEMING residents Roy and Glenis Cooke pass a significant milestone later this month when they celebrate their diamond anniversary–it’s enough to warrant a telegram from the Queen.

And while Her Majesty’s blessing on 60 years of marriage isn’t something to sneeze at, Mr Cooke reckons his wife deserves even more.

“She should get some sort of medal for putting up with me all these years,” he laughs.

The pair met through the Salvation Army, which has been a foundation throughout their lives, and it was only two years ago that Mr Cooke retired from his great passion; playing percussion in one of the army’s iconic marching bands.

He’d arrived in Fremantle with his parents and brother Paul after a voyage on the Oronsay from Tilbury Docks in 1953: “I was a 10-pound Pom,” he said.

The family went to the Salvo’s citadel in Maylands where one of the first people to greet them was 15-year-old Glenis Barndon, although she says it wasn’t quite love at first sight.

“We didn’t get together straight away, it was a gradual thing,” she said.

Six years later they tied the knot, and Ms Cooke believes the fact their parents were good friends helped to strengthen their bonds enough to last 60 years.

They’ve both loved the social aspect of Salvation Army life, as well as being on the front line of helping others.


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